How Asking for Help Aligns You With Nature

Do you struggle with asking for help? A lot of high-achieving women do. When you’ve attained success with your independent, goal-oriented, can-do attitude — asking for help can feel like weakness … and like you’re no longer in control.

Add in your high-sensitivity and deep empathy and I’m betting people often come to you for help, which you likely provide in abundance!

Do you see the imbalance in this relationship with help? 

This is one reason why so many high-achieving, highly-sensitive women experience burn-out — professionally or personally or, quite often, both.

Asking for help is a courageous act. It demonstrates that you honor yourself and your needs. It’s an act of self-compassion.

It takes practice to ask for help, and to accept help from a place of self-love, self-nurturing and gratitude. 

Recently, I witnessed help in Nature.

I watched several types of birds work together to drive a squirrel away from our wren house that’s holding several nestlings. 

The adult wren’s alarm call drew in a hummingbird, a robin, and a chickadee. And they worked together to help the wrens. It was fascinating.

This happens all the time in Nature. An infinite number of interconnections and networks of support. From the physical to the energetic. All designed not just to survive, but to thrive. And to evolve.

The very fabric of Mother Earth is connectivity. This is how Nature supports our connection to our intuition, to our Soul, to the Divine.

I invite you to create a moment of stillness while in Nature, viewing Nature through your window, or visualizing a peaceful place in Nature, and ask your beautiful Soul:

What do I most need help with right now?

Whose help would most benefit me?

And, how do I ask that person for help with the energy of receptive self-compassion? 

If you don’t hear an answer, know that you will. Your Soul always answers you.

Then, I lovingly challenge you to act upon what you hear. In doing this, you are honoring yourself, you are honoring your intuition, you are aligning your energy with Mother Earth, and you are proactively evolving into your Higher Self. 

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