"I attended a mini workshop with Stephanie on Calm, Clear Resilience with the Wisdom of Trees. It had a profound effect on me. Stephanie's own demeanor was calm and clear and allowed me to know exactly what to do to make a deeper connection with nature. I hope to continue working with Steph in the future."

Erinn L., Maplewood, MN


"Stephanie makes me feel calm. I love her clear wisdom that helps me trust myself more. My intuition flows naturally when I spend time with Stephanie. I highly recommend her support, wisdom and light as an intuitive coach!! Beyond 5 stars!"

Jill K., Skokie, IL


"A need to become unstuck and take action on next steps to further my career development led me to Steph.

Using powerful guided visualizations and exercises, Steph helped me to understand my situation, give voice to feelings of shame and fear around it, and view it from new and refreshing perspectives. Within the first twenty minutes of our first coaching session, I cried. Steph's incisive and intuitive questions go deep. She doesn't waste any time dwelling on the past and instead invokes a helpful future-oriented approach that examines how I might change my current circumstances.

In our work together, I experienced a fundamental paradigm shift in how I view my own nature. A part of me I had viewed disparagingly for nearly twenty years I now celebrate thanks to Steph's motivational and insightful coaching. In just two sessions, she positively flipped my internal script (I'd like to emphasize that I've been seeing a therapist for five years without the same outcome). It was an unexpected and profound result that has led me to be more confident and secure in who I am.

Steph also helped me to see clearly my values and talents and how I might package them to give them to the world. On top of that, she challenged me to creative tasks that effectively pushed me outside my comfort zone and furthered my career development. I'm now breaking out of my paralysis on the job hunt and fearlessly applying. I'm so thankful for her intuitive ability to know what I needed to hear in the moment and for her support. I can't recommend her coaching enough."

Rachel M., Chicago, IL


"Wow. Our work resulted in one significant improvement that has improved many other aspects of my life. That was me moving out from my marriage home, which was something I had been talking about for a VERY long time, but had never been able to take action on.

I feel like a new person. [Steph's coaching] has impacted my life for the better on a physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological level. I made a jump in less than three sessions that I had been unable to take with years, maybe decades, of traditional therapy.

Steph listens REALLY well, and would reflect back to me what she heard. Often, she heard me better than I heard myself. There's something very powerful about saying something out loud, hearing yourself say it, and having it heard by someone else. Especially when you're being asked powerful questions to help yourself think more deeply, or in a different way. 

This is an amazingly powerful process, and Steph does it exceedingly well."

Janis P., Evanston, IL


"Stephanie is deeply intuitive and passionate about reconnecting humanity to nature. She listens with compassion and will help you navigate the craziness of life to find what you seek most."

Amelia R., Evansville, IN