Ep. 73: Body Image, Self-Talk & Nature’s Healing

Like so many women, having a healthy relationship with my body has been a lifelong challenge. This past year I gained weight, likely in whole/part due to entering menopause.

At the same time, I’ve become very aware of my deep-seated thoughts about my body, and the very harsh self-talk that I’ve endured for literally decades.

It’s led me to discover the origin of my harsh self-talk — which, surprise surprise, has very little to do with my body. So I feel I’m making important progress in my healing.

This week, I share how Mother Earth provides a safe space for us to allow, observe and create space from our self-limiting thoughts.

I also share a couple of very simple practices you can do to release these thoughts that do not serve you.

View the replay below.

This is deeply courageous work. It takes time. Be gentle with yourself.

Seek out the support of a therapist or coach if you’re really struggling. I have, and it’s been invaluable. 💕

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Right there with you in the journey of healing.
💖 Steph