Hello! I'm delighted that you've been guided here. I'm Stephanie Lindloff, an eco-intuitive coach and mentor helping Earth's warrior women reawaken your power of presence.

Your deep, personal relationship with the Earth is the source for your timeless wisdom and profound healing. Healing for you and for Mother Earth.

Your calling to work in service to the Earth can feel heavy and troubled at times, and this can cause suffering that impacts every aspect of your life.

You may question your dedication, and even your connection with Mother Earth. And, as a woman who loves the Earth so deeply, this can feel like an identity crisis.

I know because I experienced this myself.

My nearly 20-year career as an environmental professional was fulfilling in so many ways, until it wasn't. Through my suffering emerged a much deeper relationship with Mother Earth that I want you to experience as well.

This is not about the science, policy and other fields that may be the focus of your career. It's your mystical, magical and self-empowering relationship with Mother Earth herself. Directly. This is the true heart of your Earth warrior self.

If my words resonate within you, I want you to know that this is a time of transformation for you. Indeed, you are being invited to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth. And, as you do, you will rediscover yourself and the power you hold within.

Please peruse my site, learn about my approach, check out my Blogs/Videos, see the three options for working with me (one-to-one and group)... and when you're ready, reach out to take your next step. Your step to reawaken your power of presence through Mother Earth, and the clarity, purpose and joy that brings.


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