Hello! I'm delighted that you've been guided here. I'm Stephanie Lindloff, an Eco-Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Ecologist helping environmental professional women alleviate anxiety and doubt by reawakening your sacred partnership with Nature.

Your dedication to protecting, restoring and healing the environment is founded upon your ancient, personal relationship with Mother Earth.

Yet, this sacred partnership can go neglected, be dismissed and even forgotten, in your very busy days working in service to the Earth, while also juggling family and personal responsibilities.

Forgetting to nurture your sacred bond with Nature is so common among Earth's healers. It's a significant cause of anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm, apathy and burnout. 

I know because I experienced this myself.

My nearly 20-year career as an environmental professional was fulfilling in so many ways. Yet, I also suffered a great deal. Until I embraced the sacredness of my personal relationship with Mother Earth.

You deserve to feel better.

And Mother Earth is offering you support in every moment. 

Learn about Three Paths to Reawaken Your Sacred Partnership with Nature. It would be my honor to support you!

Thank you for your beautiful work in service to the Earth.