Welcome, dear one! You're here because you're experiencing challenges in your journey of life and your deep love of Nature brings you moments of welcome relief.

This relief you feel is actually Mother Earth offering you profound support. A much deeper level of support than the moments of relief you experienced. You are being called to reawaken your ancient personal relationship with Mother Earth.

You're being called to reawaken your power of presence, the gateway to your intuition. The key to your self-empowerment. You can sense what's at stake if you don't gain the clarity and confidence to create meaningful fulfillment in your life. Mother Earth and your beautiful intuition are waiting patiently to support you!

This is an exciting and truly magical time. Reclaiming and deepening your self-empowerment with Mother Earth is delightful, uplifting and life-affirming!

And, also know this dear one, when you're committed to reclaiming your power of presence, there will be rough times. It's vital to understand that committing to yourself in this way means you will experience anxieties and self-doubt. Please know this is normal, and a very good thing. Because you'll go beyond your comfort zone. You'll face old, self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you (and perhaps never did). Yes, this will all come up. And it can get pretty damn loud at times. It could even sabotage your journey -- and we don't want that for you.

Because of all this, it is essential to have a coach. You're here because something about my particular approach resonates within you. Exploring that resonance is a way of honoring yourself. So, let's explore it!

I warmly invite you to apply for a free Breakthrough Session. This private 45-60 minute session is by phone and the time for us to talk about your unique situation, where you want to go and if I'm the coach to get you there.

The brief application (below) enables a high-value Breakthrough Session so we can determine if we're a beautiful fit. Your application will enable us to hit the ground running in your first private coaching session.

I'll provide all the details about my packages, pricing and payment options during your free Breakthrough Session.

Please note that all appointments are weekdays and currently between the hours of 8:30am - 1:00pm (CT).

It's an Easy 2-Step Process

  1. Complete and Submit the Breakthrough Session Application (below). 
    Allow your answers to come from your heart. The more detail you provide, the more meaningful our session will be, and the better we can mutually determine if I'm the right coach for you.
  2. Schedule Your Breakthrough Session Online.
    Once you submit your complete application I'll review it within 48 business hours. If I think we're a great fit, and that I can take you where you want to go, I'll provide a link to my online calendar. From there you can schedule your Breakthrough Session at your convenience. And if I don't think I can be of help to you, I'll let you know within 48 business hours of your application submittal.

With love & gratitude - Stephanie

Breakthrough Session Application