Three Paths to Heal Yourself with Nature

Welcome, Wise One!

I currently offer three paths for your personal journey:

A Free Breakthrough Session. A private 45-60 minute phone session where we'll discuss your unique situation, where you'd like to go, and mutually determine if I'm the coach to get you there. Click to get started with a simple two-step application process. Then, during your session, we'll also discuss my private coaching packages, pricing and payment plans.

Soulful Gardening with Nature. This 30-day online course will ease your anxiety, enhance your intuition and bring vital healing to Mother Earth. You'll learn a unique merging of practical and mystical gardening tools to envision, create and nurture your sacred garden of native plants.

The Sacred Grove, a seasonal group mentoring experience. In this three-month group program, you'll gain powerful and simple mindfulness practices with nature. These practices are designed to deepen your self-awareness and self-compassion, so you can experience greater peace and hear your intuitive guidance. A one-hour private coaching session is included. Gatherings take place via phone, and recordings are provided.

With love & gratitude,