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Do you hear the call to reclaim your intuition and create a uniquely magical life? If yes, I congratulate you!!

You're entering an exciting, and challenging, time. You can sense what's at stake if you don't take action to change your life. So it's vital to understand that you will experience fears and self-doubt. You'll run head-long into old beliefs and thought patterns that don't serve you. Yes, this will all come up. And this all get pretty loud at times. It can even sabotage your journey.

For all these reasons, it is essential to have a coach. You're here because something about my approach resonates for you. My web site, workshop, blog, Facebook Live videosInstagram posts. Maybe you've experienced just one of those. I encourage you to check it all out. Get a sense of what I offer!

And, if you're called to move forward, I invite you to apply for a free Breakthrough Session. This private 45-60 minute session is by phone and an opportunity for us to talk about your unique situation and where you want to go. It's a time for us to mutually determine if I'm the right coach to get you there.

The brief application (link is below) will help illuminate whether we’re a good fit for each other. It also enables a high-value Breakthrough Session so we can hit the ground running in your first coaching session. I'll provide specific information about my packages during your Breakthrough Session.

Please note that I currently see clients weekdays only and between the hours of 10:00am - 3:00pm (CT).

It's an Easy 2-Step Process

  1. Complete and Submit the Breakthrough Session Application
    The more detail you provide, the more meaningful our session will be, and the better I can assess if I'm the right coach for you.
  2. Schedule Your Breakthrough Session Online.
    Once you submit your complete application I'll review it within 24 business hours. If I think we're a great fit, and that I can take you where you want to go, I'll provide a link to my online calendar. From there you can schedule a Breakthrough Session at your convenience. And if I don't think I can be of help to you, I'll let you know within 24 business hours of your application submittal.