This special two-session mini-program will jumpstart the reawakening of your power of presence and apply this power to create welcome change in your life.

Let’s be clear. You aren’t entering these sessions needing to be fixed. You’re already whole. This mini-program is about reawakening to your wholeness and the empowerment that is found within.

You’ll leave this mini-program with a deepened relationship with your intuition and with clear insight into actions your beautiful Soul is calling you to take. Mother Earth will lovingly support you throughout this experience.

These sessions can bring up emotion, and you’ll receive my grounded, calming support in processing and releasing energy that does not serve you. This mini-program is cathartic and self-empowering. 


  • You’re a woman who feels unfulfilled, despite notable personal and professional achievements.
  • You may feel confusion, guilt and/or shame in acknowledging that you feel unfulfilled.
  • You feel drawn to make a change in your life. You may know just what this change is, or you may feel a yearning for a change you haven’t yet nailed down.
  • You keep telling yourself making a change should wait until some milestone is reached.
  • You can’t see how to take action that would bring this change to reality – yet that doesn’t make the yearning go away.
  • You’re open to a combination of mystical and practical tools to support you.
  • You’ve experienced a calming and peaceful feeling in Nature at times in your life.
  • You’re open to the idea that there’s even more wisdom and healing available to you through Nature.


The two private sessions are by phone or via Zoom (your choice), and are 60 minutes in length. With either option, a recording of the session will be provided to you. 

Each session is organic and unique to your situation. They will begin with a brief grounding invocation and end with a closing that honors the space we co-created. The sessions may include energy healing, channeled messages, thought management work, guided visualization, oracle cards, and/or other approaches.

Session One – Reunite with Your Natural Intuition. In this session, you’ll:

  • Remember your ancient partnership with Mother Earth and how She powerfully supports your connection with your Soul’s language (i.e., your intuition).
  • Experience a peaceful and insightful guided inner journey.
  • Learn to recognize the many ways you receive messages from your intuition.
  • Attune your energy with Nature, so you can continue connecting with Mother Earth and your intuition at any time.
  • Create a daily practice that supports your unique relationship with Nature, and that supports you in hearing your intuition. 
  • Leave the session with your receptivity opened to hear your intuitive guidance, specifically, in an area of your life where you will create welcome change through your power of presence.

Session Two – Empower Your Actions for Welcome Change. In this session, you’ll:

  • Celebrate the rich insights you’ve received since Session One.
  • Illuminate one area of your life that your Soul is guiding you to create welcome change.
  • Clarify the action(s) you’re led to take, and your energetic resonance. 
  • Acknowledge any inner resistance to taking this action, and learn to invoke your power of presence to dissolve the resistance.  
  • Create a clear plan of action that’s unconditionally supported by your Soul, and that honors the refinement process.
  • Leave the session with a deepened connection with your intuition, Mother Earth and your power of presence.


Both sessions must be held within 30 days of your payment. A limited number of mini-program enrollments are available each month.

Once your payment is received in full you’ll receive a link to my online booking calendar so you can schedule your sessions. My current availability for private sessions is typically Wednesday and Friday during the hours of 8:30am – 2:00pm CT.

This is an important commitment for yourself. Refunds are not provided. Also note that for this special mini-program email/text support is not included between sessions, unlike with my other packages. 


This mini-program is specially priced at $244 paid in full before your first session (it is valued at $299). There are three payment options: PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

To purchase with PayPal, click “Buy Now”.

To purchase with Venmo, direct your payment to @Steph-Lindloff.

To purchase with Zelle, direct payment to

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

It would be an honor to support you in this beautiful work. Thank you!