Who benefits from my coaching 

My clients tend to be professional women who have accomplished a great deal in their lives. Yet, they feel unfulfilled. They realize, or are coming to realize, they've been looking externally for fulfillment for a very long time. They're ready to go within to get clarity on what fulfillment means to them, and they envision taking action to create their own fulfillment.

How I can help you

Our work together will give you the clarity and confidence to take bold action in redefining pivotal aspects of your life. You'll do this by reclaiming your natural, intuitive wisdom. Remember that? You were born with it. You felt it so easily as a child, especially while in Nature. It's still there! And Nature is patiently waiting to help you reclaim it.

You'll gain great clarity and discernment in your decision-making. This will build your confidence to take bold action (again and again), acting in alignment with your self-fulfillment. This work is heart-centered and you will lead with love.

Your actions and results will be unique to your situation. You may be called to change careers, transform a relationship, simplify your life, pursue a long-held passion, or take another action that feels inaccessible right now, and that would transform your life.

Why you need a coach

When you commit to embrace your intuition and create more fulfillment in your life, it's exciting and fun! It's also a challenging time. Because you will experience fears and self-doubt. You'll run head-long into self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns that don't serve you. This will all come up. And it will be loud at times. It can even sabotage your journey. You need and deserve the support, the guidance, the accountability, the perspective.

That's why it's essential to have a coach.

Mother Nature is central to my coaching 

My approach doesn't treat Mother Nature as a "tool" or part of a "method." You have an ancient and timeless relationship with Nature. You are meant to be in alignment with Nature. Because you are inseparable from Mother Nature. When you reconnect and realign with Nature you experience stillness, clarity and wisdom. Your natural wisdom.

My approach aligns you with Mother Nature primarily through inner work. Of course, spending time outside with Nature is highly encouraged for loads of reasons. It'll deepen our work together for sure. You can do this in a public park or garden, your backyard, or through an easy walk around the neighborhood. You can do it on long hikes and wilderness trips. It's all beautiful, and your choice.

Our work together will even help you remain aligned with Mother Nature from indoors, which is vital when weather, illness or life events keep you from getting outside.

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About Me

Stephanie Lindloff

Eco-Intuitive Life Coach
Mom to Two, Tree Talker, Motherless Mother, Eco-Healer

My lifelong, deep connection with Mother Earth has supported me through the most challenging times in my life. I know without a doubt it can be an amazing source of support for you too.

Since childhood I knew my life's work would have Nature at its center. This passion led me to a nearly 20-year career restoring and protecting rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands across the United States.

Hundreds of times I witnessed the positive and lasting impact of reconnecting people to Nature.

In 2011, my life was forever changed when my dear 64-year-old mother died after a difficult journey with Lewy body dementia. Two months later I gave birth to our first child.

Freshly grieving my mom while caring for our newborn daughter was a profound initiation into the Cycle of Life. I found inner wisdom, stillness and unexpected resilience in my deep connection with Nature. During this time my gift of intuition began to reawaken after having been suppressed for years.

At first subconsciously, I was propelled to evolve my life's work.

After several years of feeling an almost indescribable need to serve our world in a new way it became clear that coaching is my calling. My personal loss, life experience journey, and intuitive living are all tremendously valuable to my clients.

My formal training is through the excellent Co-Active Training Institute. I'm deeply inspired by many coaches, teachers and healers, including Martha Beck, Sandra Ingerman, Kaia Ra, Brooke Castillo and Marie Forleo.

Wisconsin is my homeland, and I've also lived for years in New Hampshire and New York State. I now reside in lovely Barrington, Illinois, with my husband, our two amazing children (ages 9 and 3) and our cat, Juniper, who is forever attracted to my altars around the house!

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