Shedding Makes Room for Growth

Hello lovely and wise friend!

This can feel like a drab, sad time of year. Things are brown. There’s not much color. The plants are withered. 

For a nature-loving woman like you, it’s a time that could feel pretty melancholy.

And yet… there are lots of signs of life and the rebirth that’s to come. 

Mother Earth is lovingly showing you that hope springs eternal. 💕

If you could use a pick-me-up, I have a simple three word “assignment” for you: Start seeing buds. 

Like these on our shadbush (also called serviceberry). Photo taken just this morning!

There are buds all around you! On trees and shrubs. Both large and small. 

They’ve shed last year’s leaves through abscission, a cellular process that literally separates the leaves from the plant.

Eons of evolution created abscission as an essential process for plants to survive and thrive.

Thanks to this shedding process, many plants have already set their buds for the upcoming spring.

The promise of many good things to come! 

So, start seeing buds, dear one! And when you do, trust that whatever you are shedding right now is happening at the perfect time. 

Because it’s making space for all the gifts and growth to come.

When the time is right for you.

Another beautiful message from Mother Earth! 

with love,