Goal Setting with the Seasons

Happy New Year, friend!

If you’re setting resolutions or goals for the year ahead — but feel anxious when you start thinking about how you’ll achieve them — I encourage you to weave them with the energy of the seasons.

This simple approach aligns your energy with Mother Earth, creating greater ease and flow throughout your year. And deepening your connection with nature’s wisdom.

Here’s what to do:

Divide your biggest 2023 goal(s) into the seasons of the year. Some may span the entire year. And some goals may fit within 1-2 seasons.

Then, intentionally weave seasonal energy into your envisioned progress and milestones.

Here are some ideas for each season. Of course, you should draw upon whatever energy each season holds for you:


  • going within
  • tending to your roots, your groundedness
  • nourishing your body, mind and spirit with restorative practices
  • lovingly planting the seeds of new thoughts, beliefs, and feelings knowing they will germinate and take root in the coming months 


  • awareness of inner seeds sprouting
  • delighting in and nourishing your still subtle signs of growth
  • knowing it’s okay to change course as your seedlings follow the light — which is your Light


  • celebrating your inner and outer growth and acknowledging there is beauty in the unexpected
  • observing your needs with love and compassion and providing yourself with support, rest, nutrients, water
  • being mindful that important growth is still underway and necessary before the harvest


  • harvest and manifestation
  • bringing your creation into its fullest expression in this cycle, sharing it with love and abundance
  • a natural time of completion and reflection upon all you’ve experienced, created and the wisdom you’ve gained.

The seasons offer you a beautiful fluidity to taking action on your resolutions and goals.

And this simple, nature-based approach to your planning will strengthen your energetic alignment with Mother Earth throughout the entire year ahead. 

Wishing you the very best in the year to come!