Ep. 74: How I’ve Reached 9 Years of Sobriety

Are you buffering difficult thoughts with alcohol?

I did. For 20 years I drank waaaay too much. Then in 2015, I quit. And I haven’t had a drink since.

It certainly wasn’t the first time I tried to quit. (Or the second or third.) But it was the time that stuck.

How and why? I’ll tell you in this week’s episode where I share my sobriety story, and how I’ve reached 9 years without alcohol. 🎉

You’ll learn about a highly effective method that can help reduce buffering of any kind. This method is empowering, it strengthens your relationship with your Higher Self, and is amplified through nature’s healing.

If you’re struggling with buffering, and you know it’s time to make a change, I would love to support you. Click HERE to book your free breakthrough session today.