How to Release Your Resistance to Tree Talking (and examples of what you’re missing!)

Tree talking, or tree whispering, is something humans have done for eons. Throughout history there are stories of how people’s lives—and souls—have been touched by trees.

The vast majority of us have indeed communicated with trees and just weren’t consciously aware that it was happening. But I guarantee your Soul knew!

During my recent Facebook Live on How to Talk With Trees, I said that I want to normalize the idea of talking with trees. (These words truly flowed right out of me. My maple tree friend was speaking through me, I think!)

A few people have bravely shared that they feel drawn to tree talking but are too embarrassed that someone will hear them doing it.

Let’s not allow this to block you from talking with a tree in a public space.

Think of tree talking as prayer, or humming a tune, or talking to your dog while you’re out for a walk, or your infant, or even having a cell phone conversation within earshot of others.

Think of how many times you “talk to yourself” in a public space on a given day and this block to tree talking will start to dissolve. Hey, you could even pretend to talk on your phone if that helps. Whatever works for you! The most important thing is finding a way to do it.

And you don’t have to talk out loud if you don’t want to. You can simply lean up against your tree (eyes open or closed) and communicate with thought, breathing and vibration. It’s beautiful!

At first, you may find that you’re talking at trees, and not being receptive to a shared conversation. Just like with humans, this approach doesn’t lend itself well to communicating or developing a relationship!

Listening for a tree’s response means being still. Being patient. Calming your breath. Allowing your thoughts to come and letting them go. It’s truly a type of meditation.

Another question I’ve been asked is: when do you know whether a thought is coming from within you, or is actually the tree communicating with you?

It’s not always entirely obvious. But if it resonates for you, does it really matter? Release the need to know (and analyze) if it’s your inner wisdom, or the tree. Because, indeed, they are intertwined.

To inspire you to give it a try, here are a few of my personal experiences:

There’s a beautiful middle aged oak near the sidewalk in our neighborhood who speaks to me in one word phrases. Once I very clearly heard “Life.” Another time “Home.” And another “Fly.” My intuition tells me this tree has been trying to get people’s attention for a long time, so it keeps everything pretty basic. My daughter (age 7) is also very drawn to this particular oak, even before I shared my experiences with her.

The magnificent maple that’s featured in my Facebook Live has a very different style of communication. It’s flowing and dynamic. I usually receive it visually (in my mind’s eye) but there have been times when it comes as a long and steady stream of consciousness conversation.

As I discuss in the video, this maple is located next to a highly-regarded hospice facility and is regularly absorbing grief, transmuting it and discharging it into the Earth. Without a doubt, this maple is a healer. It’s particularly energetic and is also the center of a lot of activity with squirrels and birds.

Finally, a couple of months ago I visited a nearby forest preserve for the first time and an oak attracted my attention. This lovely being has one horizontal limb that’s considerably longer than all the others, with a striking downward curve to it. This limb extend all the way out to the nearby path, which is a well-used trail. I simply couldn’t resist going off-trail to meet the tree at its trunk.

After introducing myself, leaning against it and breathing, I asked if it had anything it would like to tell me, and told it I was listening. Immediately, I very clearly heard, in a playful tone, “walk around me.” So I did.

Just around the curve of the trunk I’d been leaning against for about 10 minutes, and out of view from the trail, I found a large open cavity at the base of the tree. Curled up inside and fast asleep was a raccoon. What a surprise! I had a sense the tree was giggling. I felt such a wave of gratitude that the tree shared this with me, and sheer joy that I was receptive enough to receive its message.

I sincerely hope that you follow your interest in talking with trees. And, share it with your children, if you feel led to do so.

It will bring a beautiful new awareness into your life. It will deepen your relationship with all aspects of Nature. And, it will nourish your connection with your intuitive and natural wisdom.

Eager to learn more about how trees cultivate your intuition? Schedule a 30-minute Breakthrough Session! It would be my honor to support you on your unique journey, with Nature as our partner.

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