3 Reasons to Celebrate Being a Highly Sensitive & High Achieving Woman

The terms “highly sensitive” and “high achieving” have such a range of meanings and connotations, especially for women. We don’t often put them together, but they can come as a package.

If being both highly sensitive and high achieving resonates for you, if you’re a woman who self-identifies with having both qualities, you are doubly-blessed!

You may have long embraced this about yourself. Or, perhaps it’s been a struggle. It took me years to be honest with myself about it. I’d focus on nurturing one aspect and neglect the other, then vice versa. I didn’t see how they could be beautifully woven together. It caused a lot of internal disharmony and self-inflicted suffering. Finally, with the help of wonderful coaches, my own coach training, and a commitment to connect with my natural wisdom, I’ve integrated these core parts of my essence.

Now, I cherish the fact that I am, and have always been, a highly sensitive and high achieving woman.

I want this for you too. Because it’s something to celebrate, for lots of reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. You have the extraordinary ability to move forward through challenging circumstances—and come out stronger, more peaceful and more fulfilled on the other side.

    Your heightened sensitivity offers you the privilege of receiving and recognizing the meaning within each moment. Both the ups and the downs. As you tune in to your feelings, and allow yourself to feel them deeply, you’re acknowledging your needs. This is a powerful entrance to your deep wisdom.

    Identifying your needs begins to bring clarity, and with that a sense of direction and eventually a sense of purpose. This is when your high achieving nature sees the opportunities to grow and evolve given the circumstance (in some cases, despite the circumstance). When you remain true to your needs, this growth will be both authentic and self-empowering.

    Self-empowerment through difficult circumstances? Oh yes indeed. And this is how you build your beautiful resilience.

  2. You are naturally skilled at resolving conflict, and can apply this skill to benefit your life, the lives of others, and the world.

    Why on Earth would a highly sensitive person want to be skilled at conflict resolution? Because your awareness and receptivity is the key to unlock the doors to peace and understanding. (Of course, Deanna Troi, an empath, in Star Trek: The Next Generation comes immediately to mind!)

    Foremost, this is a skill to be applied within yourself, and on a regular basis. You can recognize inner conflict because you have access to deep levels of self-awareness. When you release the temptation to overly self-analyze and instead lead with self-compassion, you can see things more clearly. You can identify the things within your control to change, and cultivate the ability to surrender and accept those things you cannot change. This level of self-understanding dissolves escalation, which is fundamental to conflict resolution.

    Your high achieving nature will see how you can share these gifts with others, to heal rifts, to identify new options, to enable sustained peace. And, as a high achiever, you won’t be easily deterred (or derailed) by people who resist a peaceful path. Your sensitivity allows you to easily recognize those who carry burdens as shown through a need to create drama, and incite conflict. The combination of your qualities is invaluable in identifying creative options to resolve or, at the very least, de-escalate conflict that may appear intractable.

  3. You can intentionally transform your mindset and dramatically improve your life.

    When you lead with positive intention and combine your abilities of deep self-awareness and focused self-motivation your self-transformational possibilities are limitless.

    Your introspection and receptivity, when coupled with self-compassion, enables you to see how your thoughts are creating the life you’re experiencing. The depth and intensity of your life experience offers you such a richness of thoughts to choose from. And when you intentionally choose the thoughts that provide you fulfillment, your high achieving nature will be thrilled to take intentional action in pursuit of attaining more and more fulfillment. You have transformational ambition!

    You’ll experience fear and failure (we all do) but, after allowing yourself to feel, you’re able to process what happened and identify your next steps. You’re able to keep moving forward, releasing fears as you go, and building your self-empowerment. This is how you create and shape your fulfilled life.

If you’re ready to fully embrace your abilities—and apply them to live a more fulfilling life—a wonderfully efficient, effective and enjoyable path is through deepening your connection with your highest self, through Mother Nature.

With Nature as your partner, you’ll learn to access the stillness you yearn for and deserve, the resilience to weather what life serves up, and the clarity of deep self-awareness and self-compassion.

You’ll rediscover your intuitive guidance through Mother Nature, and be able to take action with confidence and joy!

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