Your Past Life Memories with Nature, Part 2

My previous post shared how your past life memories with Nature contain wisdom and healing that will bless you in this life. 

Today, we explore how to work with these past life memories with Nature to profoundly benefit your life today.

Imagine when nearly every single moment of your life was guided by the cycles, rhythms and messages of the Earth.

You didn’t need a conscious shift of perspective or a meditative state to access this place of oneness with Nature. It was simply how you lived. 

Women like you who are called to be healers of the Earth in this life hold this memory of oneness very clearly. It feels like a deep longing, a yearning to experience this once again. 

In past lives, you fully understood the language of the land, the moon, the animals, the plants, the waters, the stones.

Your life was rich with belonging, and you were surrounded by others who felt the same.

As we’ve collectively separated from Nature over the centuries, each of us has experienced tears in the fabric of our connection with Mother Earth.

Exploring and embracing your past life memories with Nature is a powerful mystical tool to mend disconnection.

Not only disconnection from Nature, but disconnection from yourself, from your loved ones, from your community and far beyond.

It’s deeply healing work. This reawakening of wisdom that once flowed through you with such ease. This wisdom you continue to hold within you. Within your bones and blood. Within your heart and Soul. 

The next time you sense a memory with Nature that you’re fairly certain didn’t happen in this life — it may come to you in a sudden vision, or appear in a vivid dream, or surface while you’re with Nature — step into a place of curiosity about that memory.

Start by bringing it to life as much as possible. One way to do this is to engage your senses to illustrate the memory as fully as you can.

  • What do you see around you in this memory?
  • What do you smell?
  • What do you hear?
  • What do you taste?
  • What do you feel?

After you’ve recalled details about your past life memory, it’s time to walk yourself back to what was happening when the memory surfaced. 

  • What activity were you engaged in? 
  • What were you thinking about? 
  • What were you experiencing?   
  • How were you feeling when the memory surfaced?

These are all clues to how your past life memory can support you in the present. And, more specifically, how your past relationship with Nature is coming forward to heal you and serve your highest good today. 

Sometimes memories provide you with unquestionable insight right away. 

But, more often, it’s the practice of asking these questions over time that allows you to see patterns in what memories come forth during your present experience. 

I’ve guided several clients who have received deeply healing insights about their current life as they explore their past life memories with Nature.

And I’ve experienced this myself. Here’s just one example:

A recurring past life memory that I have is stepping off a well-trodden path and walking deep into a forest. Once I’ve arrived at a place that simply feels right, I gather mosses and leaves from the forest floor.

Then, using my hands I create a shallow depression in the ground. I lay within the depression, covering nearly my entire body with the mosses and leaves. I’m still able to gaze up at the canopy of trees surrounding me. I hear the soothing sounds of leaves rustling, birds singing, and animals moving around me. And I fall into a long, restful sleep.

At first this memory felt kind of scary. So I reminded myself this was a memory from long ago. That I now live in a completely different time, and that I’m safe to remember. 

I sent myself compassion for feeling scared, and asked my Soul to help me understand this memory from a loving, heart-led place.

I soon realized this was a memory of deep restoration. A memory of creating a profound level of rest that all aspects of my being needed in order to move into the next phase. 

I don’t know (yet) what happened afterwards in that past life. Perhaps I awoke from my forest slumber and went on to live that life. Perhaps my body died and I transitioned into a new life.

Whatever came next, I know it was powerfully healing rest. With Nature supporting me so lovingly. 

This memory came forth several times before I understood the pattern when it surfaces — when I’m very much in need of rest and am not honoring that need in my present life. 

I’ve also learned that calling upon this past life memory before I go to sleep inevitably leads to deeply restorative sleep for me. I can feel the peace of the forest all around me. It’s deeply calming and soothing.

Applying this healing balm of this memory feels like the most delicious kind of medicine in my life today.  

I invite you to get really curious about your past life memories with Nature. Explore them. Bring them into vivid detail. See their connection with what’s happening in your present life.

Embrace how these memories are coming forth with great wisdom and healing that is meant for you today. An empowered reawakening of your loving partnership with Mother Earth.