How Even a Potty-Training Toddler Mom Can Feel Elegant

Beautiful things happen when you allow your intuition to provide clarity on your feelings of fulfillment.

When I was thinking about the feelings I most wanted to cultivate in 2020, a surprising word kept coming to me. Elegant.

Wait, I thought, elegant?

This lovely word created such dissonance within me. So much, in fact, that I knew I needed to explore why.

My first thought was that I simply was not elegant. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are elegant. My mother was elegant.

No, elegant just isn’t for me, I thought. I’m a woman who wears little (or no) makeup, has a minimal and casual wardrobe, and enjoys getting dirty working in the garden.

I even had the discouraging thought that it’s simply not possible for a toddler mom to feel elegant. While potty-training? HA!

Yep, a book is out. Things are gettin’ serious here, folks.

Yeah, I could aim for feeling elegant sometime in the (distant) future.

My logical mind kept coming up with reasons (i.e., self-limiting beliefs) to reject the idea that I could feel elegant in 2020.

Then, during meditation one day the image of a chambered nautilus appeared. And I remembered the definition of elegant: Simple. Effective. Refined.

Image: dougchinnery/Canva

And my heart lit up! Because I understood that becoming aligned with our Soul is the epitome of elegance.

When we grow into alignment with our beautiful Soul we’re naturally drawn to simplify and refine our inner world. This is then expressed in our outer world.

This looks different for each of us, because we’re wonderfully unique. When we’re aligned with our authentic selves, we are elegance itself.

Our alignment is shown through our clarity in decision-making, in honoring our commitments to ourselves, and in the actions we take to create deeply fulfilling lives.

Through alignment everything becomes more effective. And we become more and more elegant. Like Nature itself.

Now, I now feel elegant in so many ways. Each and every day! And I’m delighted to deepen this feeling in 2020 and beyond.

So, there you have it. Feeling elegant is accessible to everyone.

Yes, even to potty-training toddler moms. 🙂

Ready to cultivate your elegance in 2020, dear mama? Your intuition and Nature itself are patiently waiting to support you.

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