Your Intuition & Risk

What’s your relationship with risk?

It’s a question worth asking next time you realize you’re thinking something is “too risky.”

There’s a huge range in the types and levels of risks we may consider taking. So, for the risk averse, it’s important to start with the knowledge that not all risk is equal.

Much of our relationship with risk is based in what we were taught about it as a child. Starting with physical risks, and then extending to other types: emotional, social, academic, intellectual, spiritual, financial, reputational . . . the list is long and interwoven.

Some of us bucked what we were taught and in our teens and 20s went hard in the opposite direction.

While many of us of continue along as adults and rarely stop to consider, and reconsider, our personal relationship with risk.

If your upbringing was like mine you learned to have a knee-jerk reaction against most types of risk. I say this with great love and compassion for my dear parents.

As an adult, I eventually realized the importance of being able to discern whether a particular risk may actually serve me, and which would not.

Now, as a parent myself, I find I’m intentionally preparing my children with skills to develop their own discernment, which of course will evolve as they mature.

And this is all directly relevant to reclaiming our intuition.

When we make quick reactions against taking a risk and dismiss the idea out-of-hand, we’re slamming the door on an opportunity to receive intuitive guidance about taking action.

But when we pause to consider something that may reflexively feel “risky”, and do this from a place of self-compassion, we learn to calmly move past our instinctual response, and can more easily access our intuitive guidance.

From this expansive and loving place, we can receive guidance about the role this action (or type of action) may have in our life path.

It may be guidance that’s specific to the action, or it may open us to other insight. Such as how we can heal, how we can deepen our self-awareness, how we can lead a more fulfilling life.

Nature provides rich insight about taking risks. Great migrations across thousands of miles are fraught with risk and enable species to not only survive but thrive. Seedlings become established in the most unlikely of places, and the plants then flourish in expanded ranges. A multitude of seemingly mundane actions like crossing a road, or drinking from a puddle, or creating a den under a particular tree.

Nature functions in a perpetual state of awareness. Accessing all of the information available in the moment.

This is vital because Nature is in a constant state of change. And we are too. We just tend to resist that change. We even resist pausing to truly consider making a change and taking a risk!

When we commit to expanding our awareness and accessing our intuitive guidance, we are welcoming insights that serve us and our life path. 

If you’re yearning for something more in life, more clarity, more fulfillment, more alignment—it means something needs to change, and inevitably that change will feel “risky” at times. I lovingly encourage you to take time considering your relationship with risk.

And, the next question is: what is your intuitive relationship with risk? 

If you’re ready to reclaim your intuitive guidance and your ancient partnership with Nature, apply for a free Breakthrough Session! You have a a beautiful path ahead of you!

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