The Sacred Grove is a unique group coaching experience for women who are called to reawaken their power of presence through connecting with Mother Earth.

Enrollment for the Winter series has closed.
Spring enrollment will open in February.
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A great power is reawakening within you. It’s a timeless power containing an abundance of gifts and wisdom that you’ve received over lifetimes.

It is the power of your presence. And it offers you clarity, peace and healing. While your power brings unique blessings meant first just for you, it also allows you to bring profound gifts to your loved ones, your community and, indeed, our entire planet.

It is no coincidence that your Soul is leading you to reawaken your power at this time. It’s times of great challenge that offer of the greatest opportunity for us to evolve. You already know this in your bones.

In every moment, Mother Earth is pouring out countless opportunities for you to reawaken your power of presence. And to receive the wisdom and healing that it contains.

If this resonates from a place deep inside of you – I invite you to consider joining us this Winter in The Sacred Grove. You’ll gather with like-minded women to learn about and experience practical and mystical approaches that reawaken the power of your presence through Mother Earth.  


  • You’re a woman who recognizes you’re highly sensitive (i.e., you easily sense the energies around you).
  • You recognize that you’re a high-achiever (i.e., you enjoy setting big goals, going after them, overcoming challenges along the way). 
  • You sense that you’re waking up to a new vision of how you’d like our world to be, and how you’d like to be within it. 
  • You welcome simple and elegant approaches and believe you can have a direct connection with the Divine, however you choose to define it.
  • You’ve experienced moments of deep peace while in Nature, perhaps losing track of time.
  • You feel a connection with the natural world that may be hard to describe, perhaps a stirring inside like old memories
  • You believe there’s much more than we see with our eyes in the world around us.
  • You believe mystical experiences are possible. You may have had such experiences yourself.
  • You welcome the opportunity to co-create a safe and meaningful connection with other women who feel these same things.

A part of you may think that now is not the time for this kind of inner work, that reawakening your power of presence in these times is indulgent or a luxury. That you should be focused on “the basics” right now.

Make no mistake, dear one, this is the basics. Your inner world is your foundation. And everything builds from there. Whether you choose The Sacred Grove or another approach that resonates, you are honoring yourself, your ancestors and future generations when you courageously commit to doing inner work. Especially now, in these times.


The Sacred Grove is intentionally designed as an intimate and alchemical space for a small group of women to reawaken your power of presence through Mother Earth.  

As an eco-intuitive and coach, I will serve as your guide and mentor. We will co-create a sacred space to courageously do this important work for yourself and, indeed, for our world. 

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Create sacred practices that connect you with Mother Earth and your intuition throughout your day.
  • Receive divine revelations through Mother Earth — from the animals, the plants, and in honor of Winter we’ll especially work with the Element of Earth.
  • Consecrate and learn to work within your personal portals in Nature.
  • Invoke the mystical energies of Winter to amplify your self-healing and self-empowerment.
  • Access the quantum movement of the season’s gateway days — Winter Solstice, Imbolc and the Spring Equinox. 
  • Connect with your wise and loving Future Self as your personal guide and mentor for 2021.  
  • And so much more!

If I’m new to you, I encourage you to explore my web site to get a feel for who I am and my approach. In particular, you can read about my personal journey HERE (scroll down) and peruse my blogs/videos HERE.


“Since working with you, I’m able to find stillness in my mind. I’m able to pull myself to an element of nature when I’m feeling stress or anxiety and let that element guide me through the moment … [T]he biggest impact has been connecting with others that feel a deep connection to nature. Not just other women from the group, but also with friends and family. I’ve had many conversations about various things I’ve learned through The Sacred Grove and found that others feel these same connections, but we just have never talked about it.”
— Erinn, St. Paul, MN

“I appreciate the ways in which you have challenged me gently but also helped me see where unconscious beliefs were not serving me … My relationship with my husband has gotten closer … I take deliberate steps to nurture and nourish myself well in order to show up at my best, and I know this is not self-indulgent.”
— Cristy, Twin Cities, MN

“[This work] has beautifully enhanced my daily practice. It enables me to bring nature into the sacred pauses of my day, no matter where I am, creating deeper moments of peace and restoration.”
— Donna, Chicago Area


The Sacred Grove is a combination of group coaching, private coaching and a private online group. This unique coaching program is limited to nine women.

Six Group Coaching Gatherings

We will gather six times between the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2020) and the Spring Equinox (March 20, 2021). The exact format of each gathering will vary, but each gathering will include a wisdom teaching, questions & answers, and ample time for reflection and sharing. 

A number of tools and approaches may be used to support you, including: Nature-based ceremony, wisdom teachings, divination tools, intuitive readings, guided inner journeys, sacred work (between-session assignments), journal prompts and more. 

Each gathering will be via phone for 60 – 90 minutes on scheduled Wednesdays from 10:00 – 11:30am CT (the dates are provided below). We’ll gather via phone so you can easily join from a special location outdoors, if you choose.

Recordings of each gathering will be provided to you, in case you’re unable to join us live. So you can stay connected and receive from them again and again.     

In Winter 2020 – 2021, we will meet on the following Wednesdays (10:00 – 11:30am CT): December 30, January 13, January 27, February 10, March 3 and March 17. Note: dates are subject to change and will be finalized by December 1, 2020.

One Private Coaching Session 

As a member of The Sacred Grove you’ll receive a private one hour coaching session to further your work in an area of your choosing. Many group coaching programs don’t include private sessions. I welcome the opportunity to work with you privately during this transformational time. Note that your private session must take place between December 21, 2020 – March 20, 2021. When you enroll in The Sacred Grove, you’ll receive a link to my online booking calendar where you can schedule your private session at your convenience. 

All-Access Private Online Group

The foundation of The Sacred Grove is the connection found among courageous women like you who are committed to taking this journey together. Current members will be part of a private online group that provides a forum to deepen your connection with each other, reflect on teachings, share experiences, ask questions, request prayers/Reiki/blessings, and more. Between gatherings I will post videos specifically for members of The Sacred Grove and provide on-line coaching support through this group. (Note: This private group has been on Facebook but I’m considering transitioning to another platform for the Winter program and moving forward.)


The Sacred Grove is a unique three-month coaching program which includes a private one-hour coaching session with recording provided, six live group coaching gatherings with recordings provided, and an all-access private online group with between-gathering teachings and online coaching. This experience is easily valued at $899. 

However, I want to make this opportunity accessible to women who feel the call to this journey.

Special rates are listed below for full payment or a two-payment plan. Very special rates are also offered when you bundle your enrollment in The Sacred Grove with my three- or six-month private coaching packages. You can save $300 – $500 through a bundle. Please CONTACT ME for those rates.

Enrollment for the Winter series is closed.

Spring enrollment will open in February. Click HERE to sign up for my newsletter and be among the first to know when enrollment opens.


TWO-PAYMENT SPECIAL RATE: $599 through two payments of $299.50

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you have any questions or concerns. I’m here for you! 

Your enrollment is an important commitment to yourself; refunds are not provided. 
This program may be tax deductible if used for your career. Consult your accountant to confirm.