Deepen Your Intuition through Water Wisdom: A Three-Part Series

Throughout time, women have been drawn to the mystery, the memory and the wisdom of Water. What messages does Water have for you? How can Water support you in creating a deeply fulfilling life?

In this free three-part series on Facebook Live you’ll receive wisdom from three unique types of Waters, and hear your intuitive guidance as you access their energies.

Each of the three parts are provided for you below. Have a journal handy to capture your insights, and drinking water to be charged with their blessings.

With love & gratitude – Stephanie

Part 1: Springs & Headwaters

Like a spring that brings water to the Earth’s surface, your intuition is bubbling with your ancient wisdom of how to bring your deep fulfillment into form.

In Part 1, you’ll receive wisdom from the springs and experience a guided inner journey to hear your intuitive guidance while connecting with the wisdom of springs. [Apologies for some choppiness in the transmission. It does clear up. Your patience is appreciated!]

Part 2: Rivers & Streams

Like a beautiful river, your intuition flows with clarity, assurance and discernment. Your intuition always guides you, bringing you back to your depth, the place where your strongest flow exists in your personal river.

In Part 2, you’ll receive wisdom from rivers and streams, and experience a guided inner journey to connect with the discernment of your intuitive guidance.

Part 3: The Confluence

You are gathering great wisdom in this life, and the waters that gather together are offering you special messages to guide your experience. This is the wisdom of the confluence.

In Part 3, you’ll receive wisdom and blessings from the gathering of waters, and experience a guided inner journey to connect with your intuition.

My sincere apologies for the poor audio. I’m not sure what happened, but something clearly did. I’m disappointed, and am troubleshooting to prevent this from happening again.

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