The Freedom of Knowing You Have Your Own Back

High achieving and highly sensitive women are natural advocates. And you’re extremely effective at it. 

You’re such a powerful advocate for your loved ones, for people who are oppressed and treated unjustly, for animals, for the environment. 

Are you as an effective an advocate for yourself?
Do you know without a doubt that you have your own back?

My previous 18 year long career was in environmental restoration and advocacy. I was at the vanguard of restoring rivers by removing dams. It was true paradigm changing work, and often really contentious. So it involved dealing with a lot of conflict.

My effectiveness as an advocate was largely due to my grounded, compassionate and informed approach. My authenticity. And my unwavering commitment to the environment.

Yes, I had the environment’s back. But, I didn’t have my own.

On a free-flowing river in New Hampshire, 2009.

I struggled with intense self-doubt and self-judgment about my growing yearning to create a new, untraditional career path.

I struggled to process the huge range of emotions generated through my mom’s death, and then just two months later giving birth to our first child.

I buffered a LOT by swinging between keeping a nearly frenetic “productive” pace and then totally numbing out with over-drinking.

In 2015, a rapid series of wake-up calls led me to finally seek out the help I needed. And my Soul led me to several amazing coaches, healers, teachers and friends. 

I’m forever grateful that I followed my Soul’s lead in getting the support that changed my life in so many beautiful ways. In taking action that didn’t always “make sense” in logical and practical ways.  

Self-empowerment is not a destination. It’s a lifelong journey of experience. And everyone’s journey is unique.

It’s with each Soul-led step that you deepen your self-empowerment. 

With each step you become more aligned with your Soul. You recognize when to extend yourself compassion more quickly. You hear your inner voice more clearly, your intuition, the language of your Soul.

Then, one day you realize that YES you absolutely have your own back. And the freedom you feel in knowing this is phenomenal.

I’ve created The Sacred Grove because I’m on this journey myself.

As a group coaching experience, The Sacred Grove will be an outpouring of self-empowering wisdom based in what I’ve practiced and received myself. And what I continue to learn in my journey.

You’ll reawaken and deepen your intuitive wisdom and your ancient connection with Mother Earth. It will be an experience that’s both grounding and expansive, practical and mystical. 

It will be a unique coaching experience that’s not for everyone. But, you’re drawn to this approach for a reason.

Is The Sacred Grove calling to you?

Are you ready to have your own back, Wise One?

Will you join us in The Sacred Grove? Enrollment closes at noon CDT on Tuesday, Sept 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox. Our first live virtual gathering is Wednesday, Sept 23rd!

Click HERE for details and to enroll now.

With much love and gratitude – Stephanie

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