Listening to the Undercurrents in Your Life

What would happen if we listened more to the undercurrents in our lives? They’re there. You can already feel them, can’t you?

Overall, the term “undercurrent” gets a pretty bum rap. There’s often a negative connotation with it. But that’s really just a form of denial.

Don’t deny yourself the ability to hear what isn’t being verbalized. That’s applying an enormous filter on the information you’re receiving about your life.

Strive for an unfiltered relationship with your inner wisdom!

So, how do we start listening more to the undercurrent?

You may find it easiest to begin by opening your awareness in conversations with our fellow humans, both adults and kids. Aim to use all of your senses, not just hearing and reacting to the words being used. See what comes up for you. You may feel led to share what comes up, or it may guide how you choose to interact.

Also begin opening your awareness with Nature — with animals (companion and wild), plants, trees, the soil, the sky, rivers, boulders, anything in Nature!

What are you sensing that lies beneath the surface everyone sees? Listen. What connections does this create for you? Acknowledge them. What realizations? Appreciate them. How do you view things differently as a result? Consider how to apply this new perspective to your life.

We used to be far better at this, especially in our relationship with Nature. We received and understood Nature’s undercurrents, the signs, cycles, patterns. Fundamentally, we trusted ourselves more. We can find that self-trust again.

Listen to those undercurrents. Nature is a wonderful portal to our inner wisdom. A deeper connection with your inner wisdom will not only improve your relationships with others, it will improve your relationship with yourself!

If you like this, let’s do a 30-minute Exploratory Session! I’d love to talk with you, and support you in deepening your connection to your natural wisdom.