Instinct, Intuition & Your Inseparability with Nature

“Instinct” and “intuition” are often used interchangeably. The difference between the two may sound like a nit-picky distinction. But if you’re seeking to deepen the connection with your intuition, being able to discern them in the moment is a big part of your learning process.

Here’s a description of each, and why partnering with Nature is such a powerful way to reclaim your intuition.

These insights are all based on my own personal journey. You may have different views. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and your experiences in the comments!

Instinct is primal, genetically hard-wired and reaction-oriented. It’s based in the fact that we are animals. We’ve evolved over millions of years (counting our pre-hominid history). The reason we’re here today is because of instinct.

Instinct uses our available senses to take in our surroundings, make fast decisions in the moment, and, when necessary, produce an instantaneous fight-freeze-or-flight response. Our instinct operates at a subconscious level. Because its focus is protecting us, it’s highly responsive. As a result, it can sometimes feel out of our control and bring up fears, anxiety and general discomfort. We tend to feel instinct in our gut, and at our root.

People mostly talk about the instinctual fight-or-flight response, but it’s important to note that “freezing” is also an instinctual response. Of course, as unique individuals, we each have nuanced instinctual responses to the same situations. We see this wide variety of responses among animals in Nature. Interestingly, the response is not solely determined by species, their place in the social order, or even whether they’re predator or prey.

Intuition is all about connection. It’s our intrinsic ability to understand interrelationships. This ability is beyond logic, beyond instinct, and beyond our common construct of time. Our intuition transcends time, space and dimension. It is our inner knowing, our ancient and future wisdom. It is our Soul’s wisdom. It is based in unconditional love and compassion, and seeks to guide us in our Divine path.

While many people speak of intuition as a “gut” feeling we experience it energetically in our heart and our third eye. Our intuition is sometimes referred to as our superconscious. It is both expansive and grounded. As a result, connecting with our intuition is expanding and grounding.

Everyone is born with intuition. Everyone. Just as we’re born with instinct and just as we’re born with intellect.

People may say someone has an “intuitive gift.” And it certainly is a gift. A gift we are all born with. However, it’s a gift that weakens over time for so many that our current society views it as a rarity.

Our intuitive gift may weaken for many reasons. Sometimes we simply forget that we have intuition; as it’s not something our society currently values and cultivates—unlike intellect, and even instinct.

We all have the option of reclaiming our intuition, and experiencing connection with our Soul’s timeless wisdom.

Of the many ways to reclaim our intuition, partnering with Nature is an especially profound path. This is because Nature is connectivity. It literally functions through connectivity. Nature is made up of countless cycles, patterns, interrelationships, and the constant flow of energy. It inherently supports our intuitive connection.

We are Nature, and Nature is us. When we remember and reclaim our inseparability with Nature, we’re able to access our intuitive gifts with such beautiful ease. It’s a homecoming. We experience synchronicity. We are in the flow.

I’m betting you’ve already experienced deep peace and relaxation while in Nature, and perhaps also the joyous euphoria of inseparability. This is the synchronicity, the beautiful flow. Your timeless and ancient connection with Nature.

Instinct enabled us to evolve to our present physical form, and societal development. It’s about survival. It’s entirely about the present.

Intuition enables us to evolve our energetic and spiritual form, and to evolve our collective consciousness. It’s about awakening. It’s about our past, present and future. 

If you’re ready to reclaim your intuitive guidance in partnership with Nature, apply for a free Breakthrough Session! You have a a beautiful path ahead of you!

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