Being With “Fanciful” Thoughts

How do you respond to “fanciful” thoughts and experiences?  

Do you dismiss them as being overimaginative? Or scoff at them? Perhaps question your grip on reality? 

Or … do you allow such thoughts and experiences to sit within you? Allowing them to be. To unfurl and integrate, leading you to new knowing and awareness?

In the twilight hours of Beltane this past weekend—the in-between time on a day the veils are thin—I experienced something most would call “fanciful.” It was during my simple and lovely ceremony in our backyard. 

I clearly heard my inner voice say “You are leafborn.”


I immediately loved the word. It resonated within my body and heart. It felt calming and soothing and true. Yet my intellect quickly blurted out a string of dismissive responses. 

Trusting that my body and heart are Soul-led and deeply wise, I gently eased my intellect and released attachment to my mind’s harsh responses. (I actually said out loud “This feels good and safe. There’s no harm in being with this insight.”

So, I’ve taken the path of being with this message from my inner voice. 

“You are leafborn.”

And, I admit that I Googled it. Nothing.

Wracked my memory of whether I read “leafborn” in a book. Nope. Is it from Game of Thrones? No. Perhaps from my 9 year-old daughter’s current favorite series, Wings of Fire. So I asked her. No, she hadn’t heard it before. 

She asked where I’d heard “leafborn.” Intrigued. I laughed and told her I heard it from my inner voice on Beltane. That I don’t know what it means and that I’m just being with it. She smiled and nodded. “Well, I like it,” she said. 

Me too. 

Sharing this with you because I’m betting you’ve experienced something like this. If not yet, you will.

The sacred path of deepening your relationship with yourself and Mother Earth will, without question, include insights that your intellect will quickly dismiss.

Sometimes kindly. Sometimes with surprising harshness. 

My intellect’s most fear-based reaction is that I’m literally losing my mind.

And, since my dear mother died too young from Lewy body dementia, a wretched disease, this kind of self-talk feels like a dagger. I now recognize it as a fiercely loyal, but misguided and wounded, protector. One of my family of parts.  

So I remind this part that I’m safe. Sending this part and myself lots of compassion. And assurance that there’s no harm in acknowledging and being with the insight or experience.  

Today I’m taking that one step further and sharing my experience with you. Because I’m not alone in this journey of remembering. And neither are you.

We’re empowered through talking about it. We are healing through talking about it. Healing our own wounds. Healing ancestral wounds. Of the past and the future. 

So, what’s the meaning of “you are leafborn”? 

I don’t know. Yet I know I will. I have glimmerings of understanding, but I’m not efforting to create a fully formed picture. I’m being with it. 

I invite you to practice being with your next “fanciful” thought or experience. 

How does it feel within the ancient wisdom of your body and heart? Practice loosening your grip on the need to know and understand. Ask your beautiful Soul to guide you in being with and integrating the wisdom that is meant for you to receive on your personal path of remembering. 

With love & gratitude,