Intuitive Goal Setting: Transform the Thought “Be Reasonable”

Have you been intuitively led to set big goals for yourself in 2020? It’s equal parts exciting and terrifying, isn’t it?

I’m right there with you! With the help of my fantastic coach—oh yes, coaches have coaches—I’ve set a big, audacious career goal for myself. It’s a goal that absolutely comes straight from my Higher Self, my Soul, my intuition.

I recognize that my thoughts have not yet aligned with the reality of achieving this goal. If they were aligned I would have already achieved it!

The most enduring, life-changing thing about committing to big goals is the person we become on the journey there. 

Big, audacious goals bring up a lot of self-talk. A LOT. And that’s all part of the process. That self-awareness, thought management and shedding of self-limiting beliefs is at the very core of the process.

One thought I kept having after setting my big goal was “Be reasonable.” Okay, actually, the full thought was more like “Come on, Steph, let’s be reasonable here. This is a little unrealistic, isn’t it?”

Negative self-talk in action!

Now, remember, I know this goal comes straight from my Highest Self. And I do believe it is entirely possible to achieve if I’m disciplined about my thinking, my actions, and (most importantly!) that I care for myself throughout the journey. This absolutely includes daily connection with my intuition and with Nature.

So, instead of allowing this heavy thought to continue simmering in the background, I chose to get curious about it, and replace it. I was led to focus on the “be reasonable” part of the thought because that felt the heaviest, the most condescending, and the most deflating. 

First, I sent love and compassion to the part of myself that is creating this thought. I recognize it well as one of my protectors. I know it has indeed helped me at other times in my life and it simply doesn’t feel comfortable with change. I will assuredly change as I progress toward this goal over the course of the year, so I know I’ll be hearing from this part frequently. And that’s okay. I’ll be bathing it with love!  

Then, I followed my inner guidance on the most helpful next step, and focused on the literal language. I visited on-line dictionaries in quick succession, following a path of definitions and synonyms:

Reasonable: based on sound judgment, sensible, within reason

Reason: intellect, good sense, sound judgment, wisdom

Wisdom: quality of having experience, knowledge, perception, clarity.

Beautiful. YES. This strongly resonates and supports my intuitive guidance about my goal. 

Wisdom: the ability to make good judgments based on what you have learned from your experience, or the knowledge and understanding that gives you this ability. 

BINGO. I love how this isn’t about logic, analysis, sheer intellect. 

Wisdom is our experience. Our knowledge of all kinds. Our innate understanding. Our inner guidance. It’s about having the ability to make decisions based upon all of those things.

This relatively quick process transformed my thinking about my big audacious goal. It’s no longer burdened with the weight of “be reasonable.” It’s lightened with “call upon your wisdom.” This enables me to feel calm, inspired, and connected with my intuition as I progress on my goal. And this will beautifully support the actions I take on my journey of becoming.

I invite you to observe your thinking about your big, intuitive goals and become aware of the feelings these elicit. If they’re not the feelings you’re after, consider following this or another process to transform your thought. You’ll learn a lot about yourself through the process, and you’ll be supporting yourself as you progress with your goal.  

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